It started as a conversation among an interdisciplinary group of faculty at The College of Saint Rose. We agreed that in an era where almost anyone can record a video and make it public through digital platforms, students should be developing multimedia competency through a “hands on” approach. From the use of video production assignments to learn foreign languages, to students producing online videos about the advantages and shortcomings of the YouTube culture, to new curriculum focusing on the study of new media, Saint Rose offers a wide range of opportunities for students to become creative producers and critical consumers of digital video. Thus we decided it was about time to create an annual student video festival. This is, in a nutshell, how 15 Minutes Max–The Saint Rose Video Festival was born. The festival has evolved into the 15 Minutes Max Student Film Festival, and invites students from within a 50-mile radius of The College of Saint Rose to participate.

The festival’s goal is to showcase and celebrate the best films produced by regional students, while encouraging everyone to take an interest in film and new media production and consumption. We want to give students and faculty from diverse disciplines the opportunity to exhibit their work, discuss it with colleagues and peers, and engage in the creation of new interdisciplinary projects.

All genres are welcome—fiction, non-fiction, news coverage, promotional videos, advertising, music videos, animation. The only condition is that the videos submitted should be no longer than 15 minutes!

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