Film Feature: Piece of Sheet

As part of a new series titled “Film Feature”, 15 Minutes Max spoke to students who submitted videos to the 2017 competition. The following interview is with John DeSousa, a student at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York.

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did talking to him about his film, Piece of Sheet.

Your film was categorized as Experimental. What influenced you to go in a more abstract direction rather than create something with a traditional narrative? 

I’m a studio art major at the College of Saint Rose, and I took a class called Advanced Screen Printing. I found this big bed sheet on the street that someone was throwing out and I decided to use it to print, and just see where it goes.

Can you explain your creative process? 

I’ve worked on experimental video before. I already have an idea of what I like and am interested in. I’m interested in layering and a psychedelic, kind of chaotic, experience.

In the past I’ve made videos that were flowing and hectic. I do a lot of digital collage that’s similar as well.

Where do you draw inspiration? 

Right now I’m really inspired by David Lynch! I’m watching Twin Peaks and I’m just blown away. He’s the filmmaker I’m really inspired by at the moment.

In general though, I draw a lot of inspiration from music. I’ve been listening Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Death Grips, and Mac DeMarco. I also like techno because of the repetitive beats.

What should viewers know about your film?

It’s important to remember that the video only exists because of the sheet. I always want to lean towards saying I like the video more than the sheet, but the video can’t exist without the sheet.  I think the process of conflict is [shown] in the video. This video is about the symbolism of performance and is open to interpretation by the audience.


To watch Piece of Sheet, visit


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