Third Annual 15 Minutes Max Screening on Friday, Oct 3 from 5-7pm!

Now in its third year, the 15 Minutes Max Student Film Festival, sponsored by The College of Saint Rose and The Times Union, includes work from student filmmakers from within a 50 mile radius of Saint Rose. Submissions were collected in early May and has grown dramatically: we received four times as many submissions this year as in previous years! The judging committee has selected 10 film finalists and will award cash prizes ranging from $100-$500.  The screening takes place on October 3rd from 5-7pm at the Madison Theatre (1036 Madison Avenue in Albany, NY) and is free and open to the public.
Film Screening Order
Forgiven by John Lyden: A soldier recently returned from battle struggles to live with his actions.
Silent Films by Immaculate Heart by Derick Noetzel: A aesthetically lush music video by the local band Immaculate Heart.
A Van Dyck Ghost Story by Michael Hidinger: The legend of a haunted nightclub becomes reality for an unsuspecting fellow during one of the coldest winters in recent Capital Region history.
Lucky by Kagan Marks: The main character in this animated piece discovers a treasure where he would least expect it.
Cold Water by Nick Longo: A chronicle of the dedicated winter surfing community of Montauk, NY.
Brother’s Keeper by Shawn Dixon: A group of friends get more than they bargained for during a camping trip deep in the woods.
Addicts by Courtney Guttenberg: An visually poetic piece which questions how we escape and how we get by.
The Baby Monitor by Frank Appio: Strange noises are coming from the baby’s room. But is it just the baby monitor?
Brave: A Documentary by Kelly Pfeister: A young woman finds inner strength after a traumatic experience.
Desire by John Lyden and Joshua Natoli: Men love their cars. But does Herb love his car too much?

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